28 May 2012

No Egg, No Bake Mango Cheesecake

Summer is here and so is the much awaited fruit, Mango. Mango needs no introduction or description. Most of us do not have the patience to even slice the mango, leave alone turning it into a recipe. I had to prepare my mind well to control myself to turn this fruit into this wonderful recipe because my kid loves any kind of cheesecake. The summer rips me of the patience of baking a cake, so here is a no egg, no bake cake which I adapted from an original Kiwi cheesecake recipe by Carolina Cocina.
You would need a 6 inch wide pan or shallow glass bowl, out of which you can easily remove this cake once it sets.

For Base-
Marie Biscuit or Digestive biscuit – 200gms  
Butter – 100gms
For Cheesecake-
Condensed Milk – 1can
Tofu or Paneer – 200gms
Thick hung curd –1 cup
Mango crush – 1/3 cup
Orange juice – 2tbs
Gelatin – 2tbs
Water – 1/4cup
For Glaze-
Mango crush – 1/3 cup
Corn flour – ½tsp

Base – Coarsely grind the biscuits in a mixer. Melt the butter for 30 seconds in the microwave or over hot water. Mix the powdered biscuit and butter and pat the base in the pan. Freeze the base for 30 minutes.
Cheesecake- Soak the gelatin in ¼ cup water for 5 minutes. Heat the gelatin over a pan of hot water till it is dissolved and clear. Allow the gelatin to cool. Blend paneer, condensed milk and curd till smooth. Add the cooled gelatin, orange juice and mango crush. Remove the biscuit base from the freezer and pour the blended mixture over the base. Put the pan back into the fridge for 1 hour.
Glaze- Heat the corn flour and mango crush in the microwave till it thickens. Spread the glaze on the top of the cheesecake evenly. Cool in the fridge for 30 more minutes.
Slice and serve the Mango Cheesecake with fresh Mango slices and ask your kid to decorate with sprinkles (I did)!!!


  1. If you do not wish to use gelatin, you can use chinagrass. You can also prepare a jelly and set it along with the mixture of cheesecake.

  2. Oh, fantastic. I've long been searching for a cheesecake recipe that doesn't require cream cheese.