17 July 2012

Chocolate cheesecake(No Gelatin or even china grass)

Out of the blue last sunday, wanted to pamper my little girl. She loves Chocolate and hence decided to make the Chocolate cheesecake. To my horror, i did not have any instant china grass with me in the pantry.
I was watching TV simultaneously and to my luck, Joey Mathews(an ex-model) was showing an vegan chocolate cheesecake made with Tofu. I had Paneer in my fridge, so i decided to replace tofu. This way I found an 'almost' perfect way of making a perfect cheesecake without gelatin, china grass or even instant china grass. This is much more easier and not at all time consuming.

You need to make the biscuit base(refer to my No egg-no bake Mango Cheesecake) and freeze it for 30 minutes.
For the chocolate cheesecake
Paneer - 200 grams(for the vegan version, use Tofu)
Sugar - 2 spoons
Cocoa Powder - 4 tsp
Coconut milk - 75ml
Coconut oil - 2 tsp
Melted Choclate - 50 grams
Vanilla - 1/2 tsp

Melt the choclate in a double boiler(boil water in a pan and place the choclate in a glass/steel bowl and stir). I used a normal cadbury's chocolate bar. In the mixer add all the ingredients- Paneer/Tofu, cocoa powder, coconut milk, coconut oil, vanilla essence, melted chocolate and blitz. You will get a silken,  cream like mixture. Remove the biscuit base from the freezer and pour this mixture into the base and refrigerate for 3 hours minimum. Then it ready to be relished.

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